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Type “Ed Balls” as fast as you can. The clock starts when you begin typing. powered by Us Vs Th3m. Jun 13,  · Ed Balls Teaches Typing June 13, PM Subscribe. Ed Balls Teaches Typing [9 favorites] I love the fact that there is at least one person who believes that a man called Ed Balls is a possible candidate for Prime Minister, even now. Even if that person is Ed Balls. posted by The Making of the Ed Balls Typing Game posted by. Jun 11,  · Ed Balls Teaches Typing is a game where the player is tasked with typing the name of former UK Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls as fast as possible. Every time the player successfully types Ed Balls the game displays the amount of time it took, a rating of .Put your keyboard skills to the test with everyone's favourite Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. A simple 'How Northern are You' quiz turned into a full-page game. This was You Can't Do Simple Maths Under Pressure Ed Balls Teaches Typing. Web games. If you exhibit a similar addictive lust for information as you do for internet, we highly recommend you go give /r/dataisbeautiful Ed Balls is the current 'shadow chancellor of the exchequer' in the UK parliament. Ed Balls Teaches Typing You can also put "d balls" in your clipboard, type e, wait for the screen to The Making of the Ed Balls Typing Game. We're all about web games, quizzes, internet lols & strong opinions. Follow us to keep updated with the best distractions and debate online. Here are 16 behind the scenes secrets about our “Ed Balls Teaches Typing” toy. Anyone else think the Ed Balls game is a sinister plot to subliminally make us. Just in case you've really nothing better to do right now how fast can you type Ed Balls is today's stupidly-addictive-for-no-good-reason meme of the day. He doesn't really teach typing. It all started as a one line joke that turned into a surprisingly playable game. How fast can you type 'Ed Balls?' I did it in


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