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hi, Could some one out there tell me how to get the current user's login name(on unix) in python program? I'm new to python:=P. Thanks! Python Code Editor: Run your code first! It looks like you haven't tried running your new code. Try clicking Run and if you like the result, try sharing again. Resetting will undo all of your current changes. . Is there a portable way to get the current username in Python? 12 answers I'm using a program named ajenti on linux. it's a program to manage linux servers and it's written in python. I need to get linux username of logged in user for different sections like file manager. it is required to restrict user's access. Pretty old question but to refresh the answer to the original question "How can I retrieve the name of the currently logged in user, using a python script?" use: import os print (cafe60-stadthagen.dein()) Per Python documentation: getlogin - Return the name of the user logged . Get current user Async in Tornado. Ask Question. up vote 9 down vote favorite. 1. When I use get_current_user() I need to check few things in Redis (use tornado-redis) asynchronously. Get user info on Windows, for current user (Python recipe) by Wolfgang Strobl. They're at the bottom of my message. I use this script to keep track of user logon/logoff times. It's really slow on non-domain computers - about 10 seconds for the server enumeration. Is there any way to detect the non-domain status of a computer (i.e. check if. Then, we used now() method to get a datetime object containing current date and time. Using cafe60-stadthagen.deme() method, we then created a string representing current time. If you need to create a time object containing current time, you can do something like this. Get Current User in django-filter Method. class ClubFilter(cafe60-stadthagen.deSet): member = cafe60-stadthagen.deFilter(action='member_filter') class Meta: model = Club fields = ['member'] def member_filter(self, queryset, value): # get current user here so I can filter on it. return. This name almost always agrees with the user SID in the process access token, except the 3 common service accounts (i.e. SYSTEM, LOCAL SERVICE, and NETWORK SERVICE) get logged on as the machine name followed by a dollar sign (e.g. "SPAMBOX$").See: If you are needing this to get user's home dir, below could be considered as. How to get username, home directory, and hostname with Python import getpass username = cafe60-stadthagen.der() print(username). saltycrane. Python Exercises, Practice and Solution: Write a Python program to get the current username. Write a Python program to get the effective group id, effective user id, real group id, a list of supplemental group ids associated with the current. This is a simple Python module to get the current user username, according to this answer in StackOverflow Is there a portable way to get the. This page provides Python code examples for program run, and incorporates the user id (if available), process id (if available), and current time. def getuser(): """Get the username from the environment or password database. To get the homedir in python, you can use cafe60-stadthagen.deuser('~') from the os module. This also works if its a part of a longer path like. Getting home path and username in python, were just an one liners for me so for that worked for him, thought it was wroth sharing the code snippet with you guys, hoping it will get better! Code for getting the current user. getpass() prompts the user for a password without echoing. The getpass module provides a secure way to handle the password prompts where programs. Return the current process's effective user id. who the user is, and falls back to cafe60-stadthagen.deid([0] to get the login name of the current real user id.


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