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SQL Server DBA Tutorial 138-How to Find Out If SQL Server Database is in Use, time: 4:17


Apr 28,  · Home Forums SQL Server 7, T-SQL SP_WHO2 Post reply SP_WHO2 Maynor Ramirez Valued Member Points: 63 April 26, at pm # How can I run to see what’s the bufferinput when running. Dec 20,  · This article shows the usage of sp_who2. To diagnose system slowdowns, see (Troubleshooting SQL Slowness).One of the first lines of defense in determining the causes of database slowdowns is to use sp_who2. sp_who2 shows all the sessions that . May 20,  · Using exec sp_who2 to help with SQL Server troubleshooting Posted on May 20, Written by Andy Hayes 2 Comments If you haven’t used sp_who2 before then it is a great utility to help in diagnosing a problem with your database Andy Hayes. Aug 14,  · Sp_who2 Apr 19, sp_who2 shows the block by user and some cafe60-stadthagen.detly we are moving from sql to sql if i execute the sp_who2 in sql it shows only my login block information. it does not show other users. is there any admin rights has to give to view other block user??? how to do that. View 7 Replies View Related. Under SQL Server, is there an easy way to filter the output of sp_who2? Say I wanted to just show rows for a certain database, for example. Jun 19,  · The following code generates the same information found in sp_who2, along with some additional troubleshooting information. It also contains the SQL Statement being run, so instead of having to execute a separate DBCC INPUTBUFFER, the statement being executed is shown in the results. The problem isn’t you. The problem is sp_who2. There’s a better way! All the commands we’ve been talking about so far are from the SQL Server days. They’re old enough to drive. In SQL Server , Microsoft gave us a better way to do these things. They gave us Dynamic Management Objects. (There are views and functions.). Jun 02,  · sp_who is documented and officially supported. sp_who2 is undocumented and thus unsupported, but widely used. They return the same information: the processes currently active in SQL Server, but sp_who2 adds some extra columns which sp_who does not include.Introduction. This is a follow up to the article "Return Query Text Along With sp_who2 Using Dynamic Management Views". I received several. Hi! I want to extract the same information as the Activity Monitor does with SQL in SQL Server Have tried to use sp_who2 but I miss some. sp_who [ [ @loginame = ] 'login' | session ID | 'ACTIVE' ]. Arguments. [ @loginame = ] 'login' | session ID | 'ACTIVE' Is used to filter the result set. Sp_who2 is one of the most useful and widely used stored procedures, along with its predecessor sp_who. However it is also one of the most frustrating as it. It is much better than sp_who2 (see the detailed month series on the site that I out for SQL databases) INSERT INTO temp_sp_who2 EXEC sp_who2. This article shows the usage of sp_who2. To diagnose system slowdowns, see ( Troubleshooting SQL Slowness). One of the first lines of. SQL Server has also second version of this procedure - sp_who2. This procedure shows some more information that you can use to identify. sp_who2 showl the entire server's connections if you not specified spid explicitly @qs_blocking_list))) declare @spid smallint declare @sql nvarchar() set. sp_who2 system stored procedure in sql server Manage Your Server · Locking and Blocking Scripts in SQL Server vs SQL Server In this example, you'll show all process information for all users using the sp who2 command. Connect to SQL Server using Query Analyzer and execute the sp.


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