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ARMA 2 Wasteland - Sniper, time: 31:21


Jun 15,  · A video with some kills, mostly stinger and sniper. I clear some objectives single handed. Ok, updated as of the 4th Jan We have two servers up and running now guys. Server 1 is running version (last stable build with 80 player slots. Server 2 is running Dev - Group Update 3. Just seach for OcUK in your filters and they should be the only 2 that come up. ACR is NOT needed anymore. Wasteland is a post apocalyptic sandbox that evolved from Dynamic Zombies Sandbox by Craig/bobtom. Wasteland is a game mode that gives players a more PVP feel on the large map Chernarus. The main objective of Wasteland is to scavenge for supplies, weapons vehicles and . Feb 05,  · This is a thread dedicated to our modification of Tonics Wasteland mission hosted on servers provided by community. Here we accept all complains, suggestions, cheat and bug reports as well as general talk related to Wasteland mission. ARMA 2 & OPERATION ARROWHEAD ; ARMA 2 & OA - MULTIPLAYER ; -Wasteland Sandbox- servers.I miss the days of base raiding, hogging weapon crates, and convoys. Is there any going back?. Wasteland is a game mode that gives players a more PVP feel on Extract the. pbo file(s) to your ArmA2 Operation Arrowhead\Missions folder. Hello I just bought arma 2 and arma2 OA but I just cant find any wasteland servers is there a secondary launcher or something that i dont know. You don't need to download anything, just remove all the launch options for dayz and open operation arrowhead, filter "wasteland" in the server browser. Enjoy!. [ArmaProject] Server #1, 0/64, , smd_sahrani_a2. 4. ARMA2 · -=[WASP]=- Warfare CO |, 2/55, Wasteland Sandbox is a free post-apocalyptic survival mod for military simulator ARMA II: Operation Arrowhead. We've seen a glimpse of. Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead;Arma 2: British Armed Forces (Lite);Arma 2: S&S StalkandStrike Blitz (#1) Chernarus Wasteland |Player Save|Object Save|JSRS. Hello there, we have been developing a mod called AusIsland with the map based on Australia by @Aussie him self. Were currently at the.


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