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Slightly rambling overview of some retro PDAs (Palm OS, Windows Mobile 6.x), time: 28:06


Palm OS Cobalt Overview This new release builds on the successful introduction of Palm OS Cobalt. Palm OS Cobalt is a modern operating system designed from the ground up to enable new classes of smartphones and other wireless devices while maintaining the legendary, “ease of use” that users expect. Feb 18,  · Previously known by its internal code names of Atlas and Sahara, Palm OS is now formally known as Palm OS Cobalt. The OS has been completely "re-factored" (to use CTO Larry Slotnick's wording) at the foundation, with more than 80% of the source code being rewritten. Palm OS Cobalt is the next generation of Palm OS. It will enable the creation of new categories of devices for the communications, enterprise, education and entertainment markets. Palm OS Cobalt provides integrated telephony features, support for WiFi and Bluetooth, and enhancements to . Home > Wireless > Palm OS Cobalt simulator available. Palm OS Cobalt simulator available. Eugenia Loli Wireless 24 Comments. PalmSource has released a simulator for its latest Palm OS Cobalt OS. The simulator allows software developers to test their programs without actually having a handheld running the new Eugenia Loli. Sep 30,  · Palm OS Cobalt supports display resolutions up to by (VGA), in both portrait and landscape modes. Cobalt includes support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, as well as GSM and Sandra Vogel. Palm OS Cobalt and Garnet: a first look. PalmSource has announced two new operating systems, and has committed to ongoing development for both. There's also news of another Palm OS smartphone. User Interface. As I covered in an earlier article, when you pick up your first device running Cobalt in a few months, you are aren’t going to immediately be able to see very much difference from the current version of the Palm user interface (UI) for the application launcher essentially remains unchanged. The same isn’t exactly true for the Address Book and the other PIM apps.This new release builds on the successful introduction of Palm OS Cobalt. Palm OS Cobalt is a modern operating system designed from the ground up to enable . Palm OS is a discontinued mobile operating system initially developed by Palm, Inc., for personal digital assistants (PDAs) in. This is a list of Palm OS devices, and companies that make, or have made, them. Aceeca[edit]. Meazura—Palm OS ; PDA32—Garnet OS But in everything looked rosy for Palm OS, with the expected release of Palm OS Cobalt. (Palm OS5, now called Garnet, is still the only. Is Cobalt about to be released to a community of PalmOS users, desperate for a new upgraded major version of PalmOS? While I hate to. PalmSource is pushing Cobalt as the foundation for smartphones and new categories of wireless mobile devices. Many of the. PalmSource has introduced Palm OS Cobalt , an enhanced version of In addition, Palm OS Cobalt is designed to encourage new. MobileRead's Bob Russell has posted a fascinating article that is certainly makes for interesting reading, what with the rumors and official.


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