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Win xp boot ini failed


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Editing boot ini file, time: 5:28


Apr 23,  · 'INVALID file message when starting Windows XP Invalid file Booting from C:\windows\ In a single partition installation XP does not even need a c:\ file to boot - it will complain, but it sill still boot. You need to create a new c:\ file. It is just a text file so you can use any text editor such as. I have tracked the problem to Step 5: Fix a corrupt When I set the Parameter to /List I can identify the failed install that needs to be remove but I do not know what to do next to remove it. Sep 05,  · I tried to boot up this morning and I couldn't get past the first screen of text before getting a white text message on black screen: Invalid file Booting from C:\winnt\ NTDETECT failed Please help as quickly as possible. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Office# () or at [email protected]. Thank you! Rick. This message is also often encountered when attempting to boot into the Windows XP setup CD. For more information on how computers start up and how the Windows XP boot process works, please refer to the respective pages in our extensive wiki and knowledgebase. Setup is inspecting your computer's hardware configuration NTDETECT failed. Invalid (dual boot XP with 7) Ask Question 7. I had Windows XP x64 as my main system, and i also had a second partition with Windows XP x Invalid file Booting from c:\windows\ NTDETECT failed I found instructions on how to fix it using a boot disk, however the partitions are on a software RAID. I've tried to boot from a. While syntax like C:\Windows="Microsoft Windows" is technically valid for some versions of Windows XP and NTLDR, it is more common to see ARC paths used in, as is described in the comprehensive knowledgebase, a critical component of the Windows XP boot process responsible for note that this error may or may not be accompanied by a complete boot failure. Get the fix to the Windows XP boot error "Fatal error reading" and other is unable to read the configuration settings within in its attempt to boot. If you get an error message "Invalid", when you boot your Windows XP based computer, it means the file '' is missing or corrupted. You need to fix . Easy instructions on repairing or replacing the file in Windows XP. Issues with can prevent Windows XP from starting properly. I get the error message 'INVALID file" when I start the computer but then it goes into XP. Could someone please tell me how to fix this. Hi can someone advise me please, I need to remove a failed install of Windows XP Home. I have followed the '10 things you can do when. is a Windows NT//XP/Server hidden text file that this computer, select the installation of Windows XP that failed to start. 6. This should fix any errors causing setup not to see the XP OS latest ntldr version in the windows update folders in my Windows XP.


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